2009. november 28., szombat

Kapott leveleket 4.

Dear Dr. I. Radnai,

We have had the privilege and honour of being acquainted with your activities and remarkable result regarding the resolution different laboratory and field aspects concerning swine dysentery.
The group of veterinary doctors working on swine pathology in Central Lanitary-Veterinary Laboratory of Diagnosis intends to gave all romanian vets on field a vast study on swine dysentery.
As we cannot find them here, it would be a great godsent and a great help some of your documentary papers on the subject.
We would be honoured and very grateful, if by your kindness we would receive them.
We wish you a happy new year with all that goes with it; happiness, joy and prosperity for you and for your team

Your Sincerely,
Dr. Ontanu
Central Lanitary Veterinary Laboratory of Diagnosis
Bucharest - Romania

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